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  • How Long Dey Too Long For Sex ?

    The mata of how long man suppose last when eim and woman the do touchlighting mata, e don be arguement wey don dey ground since 19 okokoro. And up till date we still neva gree say na so so amount of time dey okay for touchlighting.

  • Shey e Easy To Stay Faithful For Your Relationship?

    A different stroke for a different folks, na wetin oyibo dey talk. Wetin one pesin fit do for eim relationship and nothing go happen, anoda pesin go do am an everitin go kpafuka.

  • Things wey men dey do to disrespect dia partner

    Oyibo tok say respect Is reciprocal, meaning say as you want make pesin do for you na so make you do for the pesin self. How you go say you love pesin and the way wey you dey treat dem you self no go gree make dem do you so.

  • E Dey Possible to get STI Even When You Wear Condom?

    E don tey wey sabi pipu don dey advise, say the best wey to prevent sexually transmitted disease and infection plus even pregnancy na to use condom.


    Confidence inside bedroom dey important for sexual partners, because e dey help boost the morale of the couples dem. that na why you no suppose act or talk anyhow wey fit drop the confidence of your partner after sex.

  • Why You Need to Dey Proud of Your Machine As Man

    Many men don spend plenty money, because them wan bigger and longer manhood. this one dey make plenty get low self esteem.

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