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E Dey Possible to get STI Even When You Wear Condom?

E don tey wey sabi pipu don dey advise, say the best wey to prevent sexually transmitted disease and infection plus even pregnancy na to use condom.

According to UNAIDS and the National Agency for the Control of AIDS  dem tok say about 1.9 million pipu for naija dey live with HIV. Dis statistics just cover just HIV, wey be just one type of STD(sexually transmitted disease) imagine how many more pipu for naija get other types of STI's.

That Na why dem they advise more young pipu, to do practice safe sex, if them no fit keep body. Condoms fit dey uncomfortable but dem dey guarranty protection from both STI's and Belle wey you not dey ready for.

But many pipu no gree say Condom no dey protect. Dis na why Uzomatic Uzo, talk about how, despite say condom good and e dey guarantee 98% protection from STI and Pregnancy. sometimes condom no fit protect you from some type of STI's. 

She tok this one ontop #NightJolly, and she breakdown why condom no fit protect dem from some types of STI's. Watch to find Out why !

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