Opebi-Ojota Link Bridge Go Ready Third Quarter(2024)- Gov Sanwo-Olu

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Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu tok say di Opebi-Mende-Ojota Link Bridge go dey ready by third quarter(2024).

Sanwo-Olu tok dis one on Tuesday as e waka go check di bridge, to make sure say di work wey dem dey do for site dey on point.

E tok say di bridge wey dem start to build since one year ago, don reach 65 percent, but e still get plenty work wey remain.

E yarn, "I dey happy with wetin Julius Berger don do for here. We show face here last year, around 11 months wey pass, for January or February, and dat time, this bridge never even dey ground. I dey happy with the level of work wey we don see so far.

"There go still be small things wey dem go put for this bridge. E go later be like another big bridge for Lagos, e go be like the one wey dey Lekki axis.

"As you see am, space dey for people wey wan ride bicycle, and space for people wey wan waka. We go see change ," Sanwo-Olu tok.

E tok say government go support people wey wan use the bridge dey exercise, make dem waka wella, because government dey make sure say wetin other better countries dey do, e go happen for Lagos State.

According to Sanwo-Olu, the Opebi-Mende-Ojota Link Bridge get purpose to solve one big traffic wahala and give another way for people wey dey Lagos.

"Him talk say, 'People wey dey waka from Toyin, Allen, Opebi, how dem go fit reach Ojota bridge? People wey dey Manyland, how dem go fit waka straight go Ikeja?

"So, e go solve plenty of the wahala wey dey ground for alternative routes, either for Kudirat Abiola road, even reach Alausa, and e go also help solve the big traffic problem wey dey Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way," Sanwo-Olu yan.

The governor talk say the bridge dey for one tough place, wey make Julius Berger, the project manager, do excavation wey pass 20 metres for some places, so dem fit build strong bridge.

"The soil texture no good at all. Infact, the project manager, Julius Berger, talk say dem need to dig pass 20 metres for some places, so that dem fit preserve the land and dem fit waka well.

"Wetin this one don open for us be say, e be economic development and we dey change how we dey manage traffic, we dey change how people dey waka for Lagos, and we dey change how people fit reach modern roads and development," him yan.



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