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Na Lie, masturbation no dey lead to baldness for men

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Claim: “Most guys no dey bald naturally; na masturbation dey make dem get baldness.” Verdict: NA LIE. E no get any evidence wey show say masturbation for men na eim dey make hair stop to dey grow.


Baldhead for men na one common thing but sometimes person go begin worry especially when e happen for young age. For some case, person wey don loss eim hair fit use medicine get am back. 

One former English striker Wayne Rooney, na example of person wey go do hair transplant. Di hair been dey very important so tey even after 2 years wey di first transplant fail, eim go again when eim reach age 27 for a second one. As di cause of  Rooney baldhead bin be male pattern baldness and e follow for hereditary, many other reasons dey too..

 Meanwhile, one tweet tok say masturbation na di reason most men get baldhead.

 “Most guys nor get baldhead naturally, na masturbation make dem get baldhead, di more you dey masturbate, di more you dey lose your hair, guys make una stop to dey masturbate so that your hairline go dey intact,’’ naso di tweet tok. 

The tweet bin get plenty retweets, likes, comments and views for 159 engagements. Di tweet wey dey di screenshot below come from one twitter user wey be @JAY6th. Even sef some claim for here and here, with combine engagement of over 400. As e be like say plenty people don share dis kind belief, na eim make DUBAWA need to verify dis kind claim.


Baldness, according to hopkinsmedicine.org, na when person dey lose hair or na di  absence of hair for person head. You fit even call am alopecia. Baldness usually dey noticeable for di scalp but e fit happen anywhere for di body where hair dey grow. Dis condition dey more common for men than for women. 

 Masturbation, for di other hand, na one erotic stimulation, especially with person genital organ, wey dey result to orgasm with hand or other body contact wey nor involve sexual intercourse, by instrumental manipulation, sometime by sexual fantasies, or by different combination of dis method. 

 As we dey look di definition of di  two, e dey difficult to wonder where and how dis two take link. To verify am, DUBAWA dig into research and publication ontop the subject. 

 For di video here, Metromale Clinic, wey get over 64,000 YouTube subscribers, publish one video by one Sexologist, Karthik Gunasekaran, wey tok say masturbation get nothing to do with hair loss or baldness. 

 According to Karthik, when man masturbate, the only thing wey eim dey lost na sperm, wey get nothing to do with baldness. Him tok say di only thing wey fit cause baldness na  Testosterone, and dis one no connect to masturbation.

 Dis article wey HairMD publish for May 2021 reveal say no medical proof tok say masturbation or any sexual activity fit cause baldness. Di article explain say masturbation or any sexual activity no dey produce DHT (DiHydroTestosterone), wey be di major cause of baldness.

 We follow discover one fact-check by The Cable for August 2022, wey rate dis claim as  false.

 Expert opinion

One medical doctor, Frederick Unuigbokhai, for one interview with DUBAWA, tok say no medical proof wey dey link masturbation and baldness.

 Him explain say baldness dey happen for both man and woman and say high level of testosterone fit lead to high urge for sex wey fit lead to masturbation but e nor fit cause baldness. 

 Check here to learn di cause, symptom, treatment, and other relevant information about  baldness. 


Our finding don show say no medical proof tok say masturbation fit cause baldness. Dat claim na just story wey no be true. 




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