How Fake Ibrahim Babangida For Twitter Do Pipo Wayo-Wayo

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Former leader dem under di military rule or for democracy get ogbonge role wey dem dey play for election mata inside Nigeria. Different important pipo dey take anything wey dis former leaders dem talk very serious especially di ones wey wan run for office .

Social Media don become one of di channel wey dis leaders fit take talk dem mind and follow chook mouth for politics mata inside di country. Meanwhile, as some of dis leaders dem dey very active for social media naso some of dem no even send social media but we don see wey some pipo dey use dis leaders dia face as fake account for social media to carry talk dia own mind. Dat na why after Elon Musk buy Twitter, him announced say him go suspend any  account wey dey disguise for twitter.

As e dey hot, one twitter account @General_ibbro  wey dey disguise to be di former military head of state, Ibrahim Babaginda aka IBB, bin send one tweet wey show say di former military president dey support Peter Obi, wey be di 2023 presidential flag man for Labour Party.



Di tweet follow support wetin di former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo bin talk about Peter Obi. Remember say former president Olusegun Obasanjo bin don endorse di presidential candidate for Labour Party for one new year message wey him send to di youth on di 2nd of January 2023.

As of January 9,2023, di tweet from dis fake account bin get about 5,595 retweet and over 510 quotes, over 20,000 likes and 1,550 comment.

Another account wey dey verified @diisa2002, follow post di screenshot of wetin dis fake IBB  account bin tweet, with him caption as "I keep saying it READ THE FUCKING ROOM". But later him delete di tweet becos plenty pipo come dey chook mouth for di tweet.


All dis thing show say many pipo wey dey ontop social media still dey follow fake news wey dis fake account dey supply.


THE ACCOUNT :  @General_ibbro .

After better investigate ontop dis account,we find out say as of January 2,2023 by 8.01PM, wetin dey di bio na "Not from, Millitary Head of States; Federal Republic of Nigeria 1985-1993-Rtd General-Elderstateman -'PARODY'




Di location for di bio show say na Minna and na for October 2013 na eim dem create di account . Minna na di capital of Niger state and na di home state of IBB and na there some politician dey go to salute am or for endorsement .

Dis fake twitter account still dey carry di profile picture of di former head of state wey be IBB and di funny thing be say even di follower dem don increase to 71,000.

But one thing wey dey very clear for di bio of di fake twitter account na di word PARODY wey dey for capital letter .

Dis account don dey mislead pipo wey dey follow am since 2013 with information wey no be true.

For November 2022, di account share one tweet where him use di word 'obidiently' wey really no suppose dey d post if you follow the rule of gramma 


we know say Obedient na di name wey di supporters of Peter Obi dem dey use. Dis fake twitter handle bin play one role for di 2019 election with wrong information and na di same thing dey happen now.



Na true say IBB dey ontop social meadia?

Di before head of state don talk am plenty times say him no dey any social media account. In fact, before di general election for 2019, Babaginda media team bin don tell pipo make dem no fall mugu for any information ontop social media wey carry him name becos according to dem ,their plan na to mislead pipo wey no know about am .Again, for January 4th, 2023, di toktok person for  IBB wey be Prince Kassim Afegbua bin tok say him Oga no endorse Peter Obi and say IBB nor get any twitter account .


As di election dey near, plenty fake account ontop social media go begin spread , so e dey important to sabi how to know dis fake account dem.

 Dis na wetin you need to know about dis kind fake account wey dem call PARODY ACCOUNT and how dem dey use am .



Di Twitter account wey dey disguise as di former head of state, Ibrahim Babaginda na fake account and dem write am for di bio say na parody,so any tweet from dis account no get anything  to do with IBB or wetin him talk.

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