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Wetin You Need To Know Asthma with Dr. Nkemdilim

Every May 3rd the world dey gather to take raise awareness about the mata of Asthma and how to stop am from to dey kill pipu.

Ontop Oga Madam Office, Cheche siddon with bodi mata person Nkem Ndiche MD, FMCFM, MHEcons. Dem tok about the mata wey concern asthma and how pipu wey get am fit manage the condition wella.

Dr. Nkem tok say asthma na long term disease wey dey affect pesin lung e dey give pesin wahala when dem dey breath. She say many people dey think say na when pesin get the attack naim be when dem get asthma, but that attack na emergency situation. e just be like wen pesin get hypertension, that one na the disease, stroke na the emergency situation of hypertension.

One of the callers wey call in ask Dr. Nkem if dem fit use surgery take treat asthma, she tok say that one na one of the myths wey dey for asthma, she say medication dey wey asthma patients suppose dey take both morning and night and na when dem no dey take the medication na when dem fit get come get attack.

Watch to hear the other myths wey Dr. Nkem burst about asthma.

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