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Lady Cancel Wedding Because, She Must Take Oath to Dey Faithful.

Dem dey tok say for relationship to work, one of the importanta ingredient wey that relationship must get na trust. Wen the two pipu for relationship trust dem self e dey help commot wahala for inside relationship.

On top #WomensCorner for inside #OgaMadamOffice Chechesmith, tok about one lady wey cancel her own wedding one week before e happen because. Her husband say eim tradition tok say she go take oath say she no go ever cheat on her husband. 

She come ask the husband if him too go follow swear the oath but eim say na only wife dey take oath. This one make the lady vex come cancel all the plan wey dem don make for the wedding.

Chechesmith come dey ask why this tradition dey favour one person and attack the other pesin. And why e be say the pipu never change this kind of tradition why dey against women. 

Many pipu call to tok ontop the mata. Dem support the woman action, because for inside relationship everi bodi suppose dey equal inside relationship, abi wetin you think? 

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