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Divorce Palava: Woman Want Husband to Swear for Shrine, Because Of Dia Property

Love sweet but sometimes love dey change taste, and dey bitter for the pipu wey dey enjoy am. Wetin dey come spoil belle pass na wey you see two pipu wey love dem self come dey do like say the other person na dia enemy.

The mata wey Cheche tok about for ontop #WomensCorner for #OgaMadamOffice na beta example of wey love taste don bitter. 

Cheche tok the story of woman wey she and her husband no dey see eye to eye again, dis one come make the husband wan divorce the wife. But the woman come say the condition for the divorce na say she go share everi-everi wey dem get from company, house, land, and other investment equal. 

This one make the man vex as eim yarn say the woman no help get all those things and those things dey eim name so eim no fit share am equal with eim wife.  

The woman come tok say if the man know say she no help am get any of those properties and investments no need to go to court, she say make dem just go shrine wey dey her village make him swear.

Now Cheche dey ask how dem go fit solve the mata becos  


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