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4 Billion Dollars Dey Miss From Naija Everi Year Ontop Fuel Import

CEO of All On Energy, Dr. Wiebe Boer tok say Nigeria dey loss 4 billion dollars because of pipu wey dey thief money wey dem suppose use import fuel.

Dr. Boer talk this one wen eim siddon with Cheche ontop power solutions, wey she and the communications Officer, All on Wisdom Chapp-Jumbo dey host.

Ontop the show dem been dey talk about how Naija off-grid sector fit take stand strong and dey kajad. As dem dey talk about some off the wahala wey dey inside Naija power sector. Naim Cheche ask Wiebe wey e be say upon all the work wey dem don do for inside the renewable sector why e still dey take time for renewable energy to spread.

Naim Dr. Boer talk say people dey wey no want make light dey Naija, because of the money wey dem dey make from the way things take be.

According to am out of the 15billion wey we use dey import fuel, 4 billion dey miss road enter different pipu pocket and that money if for say dem dey use am for the power sector e for dey help Naija add 4000 megawatts everi year to our national grid.

Oya watch the full siddon talk

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