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Why The North Still Want Presido Chair? Tari Oliver Dey Tell Us

As the 2023 general election don dey near many pipu don dey raise hand up say dem go like join the waka to siddon for chair of presido afta oga Buhari commot for office.

One of the pipu wey don raise hand to join this waka na Tari Oba Oliver. Tari wey dey 39 yrs dey run under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party. she follow for pipu wey push for the #NotTooYoungToRun bill wey dem don sign now to law.

Oliver siddon tok with Expensive and Solid-Ac, for dia Village Meeting, inside Evening Oyoyo. Dem ask her plenti question about the waka, why she dey run, who dey sponsor her, and the mata of zoning presidency to south.

When dey ask her how she take raise the funds for her presido waka, she talk say na Wuse market women join hand collabo with her to get the money to take buy the form for her to take run for presido office. And na because dem trust her say she go fit the work, base on say she don dey do am tey tey.

One of the callers ask her why PDP neva wan zone presido chair come east? Oliver tok say the northern part of the kontri dey complain say wen power enta dia hand under oga Yar' Adua time, becos eim die for office dem no fit complete dia time. But as far as she dey concern she dey run.

Watch the full siddon tok for the video wey dey the post

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