Domestic Violence wahala

Shey make Husband forgive Wife wey frame am for Domestic Violence?

One woman and her Husband get serious arguement, as the man carry him car key to comot for house, the wife lie down for ground dey shout say her husband dey beat her, say him wan kill her, she tear her cloth, remove her Wig, begin dey scatter properties, naso pipu rush come, the Husband shock, eim no believe him eye.

They arrest the Man and Him spend 3 days for station, as him come out, the Husband pack him things go hotel also tok say him wan divorce.

Na then the wife tok say she frame am for Domestic Violence to pepper am, say make dem help her Beg her Husband.

Wetin you advise for this situation?

Na the Mata wey Chiboi and Ada tok ontop Tru talk inside KuleleZone be dis.

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