Things Wey You Suppose Know About Diphtheria

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Things wey you need to know about dis deadly disease wey be Dipthheria.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) don confirm say some people wey dey Lagos and Kano get Diphtheria.

And dem still dey chook eye for inside the mata for Yobe state and Osun state where e start.

Now wetin many people dey ask now na, wetin be Diphtheria?

Diphtheria na bad bacterial wey dey spread anyhow and e dey be like catarrh for throat, wey dey make am hard for person to breathe, eat, and drink,  if dem no treat am. 

The bacterial fit cause serious heart and nerve damage, wen e enta inside blood. e dey spread wella for countries wey plenti people neva collect the  immunization.

Oya see 10 things wey you need to know about Diphtheria:

  1. Diphtheria na serious bacterial infection wey bacterium wey dem dey call Corynebacterium species dey cause, wey dey affect nose, throat and sometimes di skin of di person.
  2. You go start to dey see signs inside 2 to 10 days wey you don get di disease.
  3. Diphtheria go fit spread from direct contact with person wey get am from deir spits or when dey sneeze or even for clothes and things wey deir spits don touch.
  4. Pipo wey go fit catch dis disease easily na children and adult wey never collect di vaccine wey dem dey call pentavalent, pipo wey dey live for dirty area, pipo wey dey for area wey choke, and healthcare workers wey don  get contact with pipo wey dey infected.
  5. Signs of diphtheria na fever, cattarh, sore throat, cough, red eyes and di person neck go dey big. For pipo wey deir own case serious, thick white or grey patch go appear for di back of deir throat wey go come make am hard for dem to breathe.
  6. Another wahala wey diphtheria go fit cause na to block the airway, spoil di heart muscle, damage di nerve, and still cause kidney failure. But for some pipo, breathing diphtheria fit kill dem.
  7. To prevent am, di Nigeria childhood immunisation plan to arrange three dose of pentavalent vaccine for children wey dey 6th, 10th and 14th weeks old.
  8. To treat diphtheria, you go need to take di vaccine to stop di bacteria toxin make e no go spoil things wey dey inside body and you go still use antibiotics to kill and commot di bacteria. Di treatment na for two to three weeks.
  9. Person wey get di disease before come collect one dose of di vaccine instead of three dose fit die cause di dsease go come back. For dis reason, dem dey advice mama and papa to make sure say deir pikin collect di compelete three dose of di pentavalent vaccine to stop di disease.
  10. Pipo wey dey get signs and symptoms diphtheria, dem dey advise dem say make dem separate themselves from other pipo and make dem also contact the Local Government Area authorities, state disease surveillance officier or make dem call NCDC for deir toll-free line (6232).


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